After the Killer Robots destroy all life on Earth, what cartoons will they watch?

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Tim Conway Jr likes “Jingle Bots” check out our interview…

This is the ad that introduces Two Stupid Robots. It’s used for conventions around the country with dates and locations changed as needed.

Evil Lot_2©2018 copy


A Drawing for Tim…


I made this sketch for Tim Conway Jr.


We had a blast with KFI AM640 host Mark Thompson on the Tim Conway Jr Show! Mark totally loved the whole concept!

TSR_DTRS_07_05_18 from Rich Arons on Vimeo.

Sample#1: Here I sing a rough cut version of the Killer Robot Dance Craze “Do the Robie Shake”:


Sample#2: Rob sings “Do the Robie Shake!” New animation is in the works…

TwoStupidRobots_rough_Animatic_Only_06_18_18 from Rich Arons on Vimeo.

Here is Part 2!

I started a series of Howto videos on storyboard / animation/ drawing using my song, “The World of the Killer Robots” sung by Rob Paulsen as a template. Working with the soundtrack we’ll design and rough pose the action in Storyboard Pro!


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This amazing creature capable of galactic transverse is Xippy1. Her exploits can reduce a blood thirsty robot soldier into a limp bowl of french fried circuits. Her powerful anti-matter arm bands not only give her amazing strength and speed but they look splendid with any of her outfits.

In this .gif she is dodging Drone blasts in a high speed chase through the asteroid belt as she wears her matching belt! Look out killer robots! If she doesn’t kill you with her arm blasts , she may destroy you with her charms!



Here’s a  closer portrait of Xippy1.Is she human or machine? Her Anti-matter arm bands give here enormous powers of speedy flight and super human strength. Her back story, still a mystery seems to involve experimentation with exotic theoretical energies; trans-formative and earth shattering. She may be the only hope for the survival of humanity in the epoch of the robotic onslaught; or she may just be having a lot of fun at killer robotic expense…








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